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It is said that one day, a dwarf passing through Lublin, loaded down with enormous vegetables, left a big head of garlic on an old stone at the corner of Jezuicka Street and Griella Street.

Others tell how an angel, today still perched on a tower of the Trinitaires pissed little eyes against the evil eye that weighed on Lublin.

It is thus that emerged an enormous salt-stone head of garlic on the Executioner’s Stone...

The Legend of the exhibition, An angel pisses, an imp passes



The stone of misfortune

One moonlight night, two devils were carrying a stone when flying above the town of Lublin.
Suddenly, the cock began to crow and the devils took fright, and the stone dropped next to the orthodox church.

Many years later, a soldier climbed up the tower to steal the gold plate on the cupola, but he fell head first on the old stone and died.

Later, a baker used the stone as his oven, hoping that bread, a sacred object, would make the stone lose its diabolic quality. But one night the baker was found cooked in his oven.

The stone was then thrown onto Bernardynski Square.

The town executioner found it perfect and placed it as support under his execution block.
And during long years, the blood of the condemned flowed...

But one day justice erred : corrupt judges and false witness condemned a blameless youth.
At his execution, the executioner cut off the young man’s head with such force that he cut through the wooden block.
All saw the stone tremble under the axe...

You can still see today how the executioner damaged the stone, as it lies on the corner of Jezuicka Street and Griella Street.

But it’s better to look from a distance.

The Legend of the “Executioner’s Stone” in Lublin